How to duplicate SSRS report with business logic in AX 2012

This is my own solution to duplicate SSRS report (with business logic or not) in AX 2012:

Ex : PurchPackingSlip report
- Choose duplicate  for report in SSRS and also the DP, Contract and Controller
After that you also got lot of error about business logic (BL) when you deploy

- Now go to AOT, export your Purch Packing Slip Business logic in  > AOT > Visual Studio Project > C Sharp Project > PurchPackingSlipReport.BusinessLogic.

- Open businesslogic file with Note Pad:

- Crtl + F : Find all the old BL name and rename to your BL name.
- Find all old report name and rename to your duplicated report name.
- Find Origin line like the second red rectangle in my pic > change a last number to make Id  for your BL. In this case 68 > 69
- Save and import to AOT > now it become your BL with new name.
- Go to VS: change data method library to your BL
- Add dataset with your RDP class (rename to old dataset name)
- Copy properties of old parameters to new parameters.
- Remove old parameters
- Set dataset report parameters to new parameters in properties Window:

Now deploy,  you got your duplicated report.