How to utilize Correspondence, function of Russia in AX 2012 for different countrys (Resolving problem with many–to–many transactions in AX 2012)

What is Correspondence?

Correspondence of accounts is an approach to continuous and interrelated registration of business transactions in corresponding general ledger accounts, based on the double-entry bookkeeping system. Ledger vouchers are represented by using the Russian accounting standards with corresponding accounts.

1. Allow using Correspondence on GL parameter

How to active >> Add your country ISO code to extended data type LedgerBondUseCorrespondence_RU 

2. Active Manual Correspondence : GL > Periodic > Manual correspondence

How to active >> Add your country ISO code >> follow path in below pic

3. Do the same for base enum LedgerBondShowMode_RU
4. Modify project RU_GL_Correspondence and class SysCountryRegionCode to make your country Region is legal for these function  
5. Do a many-to-many journal in GL for testing
6. Have a look on GL > GL > Periodic > Manual correspondence


******* These are just a few simple steps to make it display and reference.
If you want to make this function working without using country code RUS, you have to work more customization on project RU_GL_Correspondence or contact me for a solution

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